We are Hiring a Financial Aid/Student Services Administrator

This Financial Aid Administrator at Casal Aveda Institute will be responsible for various duties related to financial aid and student services.

Essential Functions

  • Develop individual Financial Aid packages and meet with prospective students to discuss, review and answer questions.
  • Determine eligibility for funds, ordering and receiving funds
  • Administer overall compliance.  Includes monitoring websites and emails for changes to regulations.
  • Review and amend policy and procedures when needed.  Meet with appropriate staff in regards to compliance and administering relevant policy-SAP and Refund policy.
  • Report data for annual reports for NACCAS, IPEDS reports and participate in annual audit.
  • Data entry of all enrolled students information
  • Maintenance of student files and information-both electronic and paper
  • Responsible for State Board reporting of graduates, drops, and enrollment
  • Open communication with current students regarding financial issues
  • Manage financial aid/administrative duties related to disability leave of absence, leave of absence, over pool of hours, conference with admissions or director, refunds, electronic fund transfers, and other related duties that might arise.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Education and Experience: High School Degree. Experience in financial aid or administration preferred. Familiarity with student management or financial aid software a plus.
  • Computer Skills: Proficient with Microsoft Office
  • Communication and Interactions: Daily interaction with prospective students and their families and all levels of staff.

Posted on August 11, 2016 and filed under employment, news.