Job Placement

The Aveda Network

Casal Aveda Institute does not guarantee job placement but many graduates will have priority placement in the Aveda network and many high-end salons. The Aveda network is built on relationships, common values, a mutual respect for the environment, a shared passion for the best creative and technical work, and nurturing high touch care.

Casal Aveda Institute will help you gain the knowledge that you will need with bi-annual career fairs, career days and self-promotional instruction..

We will work with you on on one to find the best salon fit and career placement for you and see your vision become a reality.

Learn more about the job opportunities and work environment for Aveda professionals by visiting Get Connected, a directory of career-focused Aveda salons and spas listings. 


Job Demand in the Cosmetology Industry

According to the NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences) 2003 Job Demand Survey. There were more than 1,600,000 professionals working in more than 312,000 beauty salons, skin care salons, spas and nail salons in January of 2003. Since 1999:

  • The number of salon professionals is up 21%
  • The number of salons is up 5.6%
  • The number of new hires is up 37%

56% of salon owners report that they have job openings. More than 572,000 open positions were filled in 2002 with both experienced salon professionals changing positions (73%) and with inexperienced professionals with less than 1 year experience (27%). The supply does not appear to be keeping up with the demand. Approximately 3 out of every 4 salon owners who looked for new employees in 2002 reported difficulty finding qualified personnel.

According to the United States Department of Labor; employment of hairdressers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, skin care specialists and shampoo technicians is projected to grow between 10-20 percent through year 2010. Employment of manicurists and pedicurists is expected to increase 21-35 percent over the same period.