Support Earth Month and Receive 10 Bonus Belly Points!

Receive 10 bonus belly points with the purchase of each Earth Month Light the Way™ candle (up to 50 points).

Q: What was the inspiration for the Light the Way™ 2015 Earth Month Candle aroma?
A: For over 8 years the donations from the Aveda Light the Way Earth Month Candles have gone to Global Greengrants Fund to provide small grants that help protect and maintain clean water all over the globe. For Earth Month 2015 we were inspired to share the impact this work has had in the village of Manakara, Madagascar, where over 5,000 people have benefitted from these grants. The aroma contains organic essential oils, such as vanilla, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, clove and vetiver from Madagascar, and the images on the unit carton were created by children
living in the village and benefitting from the water projects.

Q: What were the water challenges in Manakara, Madagascar? And, what water projects did Aveda and Greengrants sponsor?

A: The water infrastructure in Ampasimanjeva was in disrepair, leading to extremely limited access to water for villagers and the need to collect water from a nearby river for household use. Many cases of disease were reported from drinking the dirty river water. A grant from Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund was awarded to The Association School in 2012 for the construction of a water system in the village of Manakara, Madagascar. The Association School has received two previous Earth Month grants for water projects in two other villages of Southeastern Madagascar, including Ampasimanjeva, featured in the Earth Month 2013 campaign. The grant allowed them to drill a well that supplied water through a solar powered pump to three fountains in the village. A village water committee was formed in order to ensure
ongoing sustainability and maintenance of the water system. The project supplied clean water to approximately 5,000 people in the village.

Q: Who created the drawings for the artwork?

A: Children from the Association School in Ampasimanjeva provided the drawings for the candle artwork. The Association School was instrumental in planning and implementing the two water projects supported by Aveda and Greengrants. The children from the Association School were asked to create drawings to illustrate what clean water means to them and how access to an improved water source has impacted their lives. The children were direct beneficiaries of the water project supported by Aveda and Greengrants and in addition, they will receive financial
support for basic school supplies.

Q: What is so unique about the Aveda Earth Month Candle?

A: The Light the Way 2015 Earth Month Candle will raise over $1.8M for clean water projects around the globe. 100% of the Earth Month candle proceeds** go to Global Greengrants Fund for clean water projects, like the ones in Madagascar.

Q: What is the Earth Month Candle base made of?

A: The base of the Light the Way™ 2015 Earth Month Candle is made of soy wax which burns clean and completely.

Q: What is the candle glass made of?

A: The glass is made from 100% reclaimed beverage bottles. Because this reclaimed glass does not have to be crushed or re-molded, far less energy is used to create the glass container

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