Advanced Esthetics

Prepare for an exciting future in skin care with Casal Aveda Institute. Our Advanced Esthetics curriculum provides 750 hours of skin care training with an emphasis on using pure flower and plant essences in treatments.

The Certification program consists of a comprehensive curriculum taught through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and practical applications. Students learn the theoretical and technical skills necessary to promote success in the industry. The program provides a solid foundation in Anatomy, traditional facial techniques, waxing, makeup, Aromalogy, Health and Nutrition.

Esthetics Program Schedule - 750 hours

Advanced Esthetics Evening 

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Advanced Esthetics Day Time 

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm


Learn the fundamentals of dermanalysis, facial manipulatios and equipment and plant aromaology™ as you study the related sciences of anatomy and histology, along with state safety requirements. Combining theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, this unit puts you on your way to a career in skin care.       

Spa I

Apply your knowledge through clinic experiences while you increase your understanding in the classroom. In this unit, you'll refine your skills and gain the expertise you need to meet the Aveda Institute's skin care and makeup service standards and state safety requirements.  

Learn real-world strategies to get the job of your dreams, from interviewing to resume writing and beyond. Fine-tune your accuracy, concentration and speed. At this point, you'll have the competency required for the skill certification examination, as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to pass the written examination required by the State of Ohio. Now you're ready to start your career in skin care.        

Advanced Esthetics Curriculum

The Esthetics curriculum is designed to prepare students for the State Licensing examination for estheticians and for gainful employment. A student will learn specialized techniques to purify, balance and renew the skin and study international trends in makeup. Job opportunities are available in the salon, medical and retail industries.

Throughout the Esthetics program, you’ll cover the following topics in varying levels of depth and detail, giving you an exceptional foundation for your professional career.

Plant Aromaology™

  • istory of plant aromaology
  • psychology of aroma
  • therapeutic effect
  • custom testing and blending
  • methods of application 


  • scalp and hair analysis
  • bacteriology
  • infection control
  • sanitation/sterilization
  • ingredient analysis

Anatomy & Physiology

  • cells, tissue and organs
  • muscular system
  • nervous system
  • circulatory system
  • endocrine system
  • excretory system
  • respiratory system
  • digestive system
  • nutrition

Clinic Practice

  • clinic set-up
  • sanitation
  • time management
  • daily goals 

Facial Massage

  • relaxation through massage
  • detoxification massage for lymphatic drainage
  • basic touch
  • facial massage 


  • Aveda product systems
  • facial treatments
  • brow and lash tinting
  • full body waxing and sugaring
  • methods of hair removal
  • packs and masks
  • lightening of hair on the body, except scalp  


  • color theory
  • contoured and classic makeup applications
  • dramatic and subtle look
  • lash application

State Rules and Regulations

  • Ohio laws and rules
  • safety and sanitation requirements

Personal/Career Development

  • resume writing
  • interview process
  • responsibilities of employment
  • client retention
  • retail strategies
  • incentives
  • listening and communication
  • personal development


Training in the use of all electrical devices which use high frequency current in the treatment of the skin and the mechanical devices used in the treatment of the skin approved by the Board of Cosmetology.

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