Advanced Manicuring

Learn techniques in manicuring, pedicuring, nail extensions and wraps.

Throughout the Advanced Manicuring program, you’ll cover the following topics in varying levels of depth and detail, giving you an exceptional foundation for your professional career.

Advanced Manicuring Program Schedule - 300 hours


Part-Time Schedule– 16 weeks

  • Tuesday through Thursday: 5:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm


Discover the fundamentals of nail structure, manicuring, pedicuring, nail extensions and nail wraps. Study the sciences of anatomy and treatments through classroom training to hands-on workshops. Also gain knowledge in proper safety and sanitation requirements. 

Advanced I

Increase your knowledge of manicuring, pedicuring, nail extensions, and nail wraps through clinical work under direct supervision of licensed instructors. While working with the public you will develop communication skills. Each service you perform is evaluated to track your process of practical skills. You will have the competency required as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to be successful in the nail industry. 

Advanced Manicuring Curriculum

In our curriculum, you will learn the latest in manicures, pedicures, spa manicures, spa pedicure, and nail extensions. This 300 hour manicuring program will teach you nail application and maintenance as well as nail structure and anatomy. Beyond nails, you'll learn business-building techniques, business communications, expand your retail knowledge, and become licensed. 

Plant Aromaology™

  • history of plant aromaology
  • sensory journey and personal blends
  • olfaction
  • methods of extraction
  • essential oils
  • singular notes
  • aveda key elements™

Clinic Practice

  • clinic set-up
  • sanitation
  • time management
  • retail
  • customer service 

Personal/Career Development

  • resume writing
  • interview process
  • responsibilities of employment
  • salary plans, benefits and insurance
  • client retention
  • manicuring
  • wraps and extensions of the nails
  • pedicuring
  • miscellaneous practical and technical instructions
  • provisions of chapter 644 or NRS and the regulations
  • modeling
  • theory

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